Why isn't the course showing as Completed in My Training?

If a course is showing as "In-Progress", rather than "Completed" in your "My Training", it may be due to improperly closing the course.

Most courses with quizzes or tests have provided buttons to use when 'leaving' them.

Please be sure to always use the course provided Save, Exit, Close, etc. buttons when leaving a course to ensure your quiz or test results are saved.

Additionally, a passing score needs to be achieved before a course with a quiz/test will show as "Completed" in your "My Training".

See examples below of a few different courses' closing features.







***Note: Certain courses, such as Syntrio courses, require you to spend a minimum amount of time within the course before it will allow your quiz/test results to save. Be sure to spend the minimum amount of time within the course, before completing the quiz/test, and leaving the course, to ensure it shows as Completed in your "My Training".






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