Download a Program File from a Dropbox Link (on a PC)

Problem: You are having trouble launching or registering your CareerTrack or Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics software title, and are getting an error message such as "Application was not activated," or simply seeing a blank dialog box when you attempt to launch the program after installation but before registration, or after registration.

Solution: You are sent a link via email to download an unprotected version of the software from Dropbox. This unprotected version of the software may allow you to run the software as it bypasses common problems caused by interactions between our digital rights management software (DRM) and anti-virus programs, firewalls, and other occasional software interactions.


1. Left-click on the link in the email you received.

2. When the Dropbox page opens, click on either the Download button or on one of the named program links (such as excel2010-c01.exe in the image below).

Clicking the Download button gives you the option of saving all items in the folder as a .zip file or to a Dropbox folder, if you have one.

Clicking a link lets you save that file to your local Downloads folder.

3. If you saved the items as a .zip file, you need to unzip the archive to a location of your choice on your local machine. To do so, right-click the archive and select Extract All, or use an unzip utility you have installed to do so. You'll also have to choice a folder or location where you'd like to put the files.

If you saved the files individually to your Downloads folder, simply navigate there (you can quickly access the Downloads folder by selecting Start / Computer / C:, and then looking under the Favorites section in the left navigation pane of the resulting window) and select and move the files to the destination of your choice on your computer. To select and move an item, right-click it and select Copy (or Cut, if you want to delete it from the original location), and then move to your destination, right-click, and select Paste.  
NOTE: ALL files from a given program MUST be located in the same place for our programs to run properly (you can't have the .exe file in one location and any other files or folders in another location). 

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