Why am I receiving a "User Interface" or "UI" error?

If you are using a newer operating system (Windows 8 or 10), it is possible you may receive the "User Interface or UI" error. This means you will need to install in compatibility mode.

Please see the directions below for performing this function:

1.Please Left-Click your Start menu

2.Click on Computer or My Computer. This will open your computer's files.

3.Double-click the following folders: Local Disk (C:) folder, Program Files (x86) folder, CareerTrack.

4.This should bring up a folder with the product name, double-click this folder.

5.You should then see the product name with a staircase icon. Right-click this file.

6.From the drop-down menu click Properties.

7.Click the Compatibility tab.

8.Check the box next to Run this program in compatibility mode for: and select Windows XP (Service Pack 3).

9.Under Privilege Level, check the box by Run this program as an administrator.

10.Click Apply and then OK.

11.Double-click to re-launch the course.

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